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Five Star Coatings Group is a revolutionary new company leading the way in the world of custom coated plastic products. Our state of the art facility boasts the most advanced technology available, bringing you the highest quality coatings for the toughest applications. As a leading edge supplier of abrasion resistant and specialty coatings, Five Star Coatings Group is the clear choice for your business. We guarantee the highest level of optical properties found in the industry today.

Our best in industry facility keeps us at the forefront of the coating industry. We have the ability to be your complete solution supplier for plastics needs, from flat to complex machined coated applications. Five Star Coatings Group is dedicated to keeping our reputation as the highest quality producer of coated sheets.

Simply put, we are the most dependable and flexible company in the industry.

Thinking Green - We have invested over a quarter of a million dollars on an regenerative thermal oxidizer that will allow us to convert 99% of our emissions into water vapor. Our commitment to the environment and our neighboring community is something we proudly stand by. When laying the groundwork for our facility, staying "Green" was one of the most important aspects of our process. We are confident in saying that no other coater of our kind can match the emissions that we are able to do.

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