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Five Star Coatings Group has the ability to provide both one sided and two sided coated products to suit most applications. With our capability to offer coated sheets as large as 6 foot by 10 foot, we provide the ability to coat the largest blank size sheet in the industry.

Our state of the art facility has the capabilities to apply a wide range of coating technologies to meet any of our clients needs. From abrasion resistance to anti-fog performance requirements, you can trust the experts at Five Star Coatings Group.

Our equipment has been designed to apply coatings to both flat and pre contoured applications. Allowing for us to be your total solutions provider.

Our State of the Art Laboratory: Utilizing the Latest Technologies
To ensure that our coatings will perform at the highest levels designed for each formulation every time, Five Star Coatings Group has incorporated and improved upon all of the latest technology currently used in the coatings industry. Our state of the art laboratory enables us to be the highest quality provider of custom coatings and gives us the unique ability to continually develop the next generation of durable coating products.

Thinking Green - We have invested over a quarter of a million dollars on an regenerative thermal oxidizer that will allow us to convert 99% of our emissions into water vapor. Our commitment to the environment and our neighboring community is something we proudly stand by. When laying the groundwork for our facility, staying "Green" was one of the most important aspects of our process. We are confident in saying that no other coater of our kind can match the low emissions that we are able to produce.

Being part of the Five Star family, we have the unique ability to be your total part solutions provider. Our fabrication capabilities include:

 • Thermoforming
 • CNC Routing
 • Screen Printing

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